Sabino Canyon Yoga


The Catalina Foothills and Sabino Canyon  are sources of great beauty and inspiration.  Living near the canyon is a gift I celebrate daily.

Over the past three years, I have been working to build a yoga community in this gorgeous corner of Tucson.  I invite you to join us and experience the many benefits of yoga while building positive connections with other wellness-minded folks.

There is no need to drive.  Stay in your neighborhood and Thrive!

As a former classroom teacher and university professor of education, I understand the importance of stress relief for wellness and burnout prevention.  Teaching yoga privately and in group settings for the past 10 years, I have crafted a unique approach enhanced by my background in Anusara yoga, mindfulness and research on mind/body medicine.  Our community yoga sessions are great for all levels and will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease.

Get involved!

Ongoing Community Sessions:  We currently have 4 sessions going on per week with three different styles of yoga.  Email me to learn where and when.

  • Gentle Yoga: A mat class designed to wring stress and tension out of the body. Great for relaxation, detoxification and gently enhancing flexibility.
  • Chair Yoga: This class is designed to enhance your body’s innate healing abilities. With the support of a chair, you can go light or deeper into your practice. Breath work, meditation and self-massage are integrated for a truly unique yoga experience.
  • Morning Kick Start: We start gentle, build to standing poses and end with a morning meditation. A great way to generate energy and positive intentions for your day.

Organize your own group:  Get 3-4 friends/neighbors together, and choose the type of class you like.

1 hour Private Coaching Session:  Invest in yourself with a uniquely personalized yoga for wellness coaching session.  Depending on your goals, each private session integrates tools and techniques rooted in yogic tradition as well as modern science.

Words to the Wise: 

*Always check with your physician before beginning any new exercise program.*

If you have any physical challenges, always inform your yoga teacher before the class begins.

Email me and join the fun!


Best Wishes, Always

Dr. Jamie Carson


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