Wellness/Life Coaching With Dr. Jamie

Simplicity is Sexy!

Evolve, Thrive, Revive

Dr. Jamie’s fun, fresh approach to coaching is completely unique and customized to the needs of each client. Integrating recent mind/body research with astrology, ayurveda, yoga and mindfulness she weaves together ancient wisdom with cutting-edge knowledge. You will feel the results of this is a 21st century approach to coaching immediately. Rise above distractions that have kept you stuck and unhappy. Find your freedom, and step into a life that is authentically YOU!

        Enjoy a unique coaching session that will get you back on track and moving forward. Love your life!E3

        Unhook from the rat race.  Learn to RELAX deeply and shift from stress to ease and success.

        Balance your mind/body and bring your energy to new levels. Take your power back!

        Overcome Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibro, Fatigue, etc.

        Rejoice because you are not alone!  Break away from illness and unhappiness with a coach who cares.

     Say “Yes” to simplifying life and shift into your highest potential.

      Email Dr. Carson now to secure your session.
“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Jamie in the past and presently and what a joy to simply be in the presence of this woman.  Jamie has a vision that is inspiring and the enthusiasm she has for that vision and life is something we all want more of.  Jamie has an array of skills and gifts that will enhance your life.” -Sarah Amos, BraveHeart Women Resonate, Tucson

“Dr. Jamie has been instrumental in showing me the path to self awareness and self care.  From those gifts, the seeds of courage and inspiration to pursue my mid-life passage with enthusiasm and confidence is a gift that is priceless.I love your sense of humor Dr. Jamie, as well as your playful and realistic approach of how to make life more simply divine!! The approach cuts right to the chase, no time wasted, and I love it!  Thank you for making such a powerful difference in my life!” -Susan Nichols

“My husband and I took Dr. Jamie’s encouragement to heart and lost a combined total of 75 pounds!  It was such a relief to see the pounds melting away. She is very knowledgeable  and a great support!” -Brandy Baxter

Discounts available for military, educators, students, and those diagnosed with chronic illness.
(Email Dr. Jamie for more information on discounts)


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