College/Grad School Bound!

Congratulations on your decision to further your education.  Now, let’s get you organized, moving forward…and let’s get you some MONEY too!

Selecting a degree that most suits your skills, talents and desires is an essential first step in creating a career that brings you joy and fulfillment.  Finding a school that is the “right fit” will speed you down the road to success with greater ease.  Finally, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  The writing samples, essays and applications that you submit must SHINE!  I am here to help you with all of this.  Email me for an initial consult and begin moving toward higher education with confidence and support.

 I also offer:

  • Scholarship application writing assistance (initial consult 1 year prior to registration recommended)
  • ADHD coaching
  • Academic and career support for college students
  • Help writing papers
  •  Advocacy, mentoring and guidance through college years
  • Study skills instruction
  • Wellness education for prevention of burnout


MichelleAyerSouthAmericaJuly15“I enjoyed working with Dr. Jamie Carson tremendously. Through her expertise and guidance, Jamie helped me with the overwhelming preparation of my applications for graduate school. She created a supportive work environment which was fun and creative and I always left our sessions with a sense of excitement. I found it incredibly empowering to work with Jamie for she encourages honoring one’s personal vocation through the balance of mind, body and soul. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to align their life choices with their life purpose.” MichelleAyer  (After writing this, Michelle was accepted into one of her favorite Master’s degree programs and was awarded $16,000 for tuition and $22,000 for travel and living.)

KelbyGradAug15 (2)“My daughter was applying for various scholarships last year.  One of these scholarships required a letter outlining her accomplishments and achievements during her high school career.  Dr. Jamie Carson assisted my daughter with this letter.  Dr. Carson’s expertise in the world of academia enabled her to identify what the scholarship board would focus on and the best way to highlight my daughter’s achievements.  I feel that Dr. Carson’s knowledge and support was crucial in my daughter being awarded a 4 year Merit Scholarship.”- Angela Feeney

Sessions can be held via phone, Skype, or in person in the Tucson, Arizona area. 
Email Dr. Jamie now to secure your session.E13


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