Growing up in Southeast Nebraska just 30 minutes from the home of Larry the Cable Guy, my vocabulary has been “enriched” by farm vernacular.  I have countless colorful cliches and idioms at my disposal.  For instance, if it has been a very long time since I’ve experienced a particular situation, that duration of time would be considered a “coon’s age”.  “I haven’t heard that in a coon’s age!”  If a piece of technology is giving me problems or the fish aren’t biting, “I must not be holding my mouth right”.  When you experience a sudden, unexpected acceleration, it is appropriate to exclaim, “Hold her head up, Newt!  She smells alfalfa!”  Life has been moving so fast and furious these past two weeks that I feel like I’m riding a psycho horse toward a burning barn.

The energy in traffic has been so frenetic and spun out that a trip to Target feels like bumper cars.  It’s times like these that I am happy to reflect back on simple wisdom from my farm girl roots to help me stay grounded.   While I have fewer and fewer occasions to bust our rural vernacular and being country may not be cool, I feel fortunate to have grown up on the land.  My days of running wild in pastures and plum thickets, building forts out of downed wood and abandoned implements, and playing midwife to four legged friends have forever shaped my understandings of ecology, physics and stewardship.  The workings of life are simple and elegant, but we can easily lose sight of what is real when life speeds up.  Here are some farm girl kernels to help you stay out of chaos and moving forward.

1.  “Make hay while the sun shines.”  Spring time is great for initiating new projects.  Now is the time to plant the seeds of change.  Remember,that it takes energy and careful tending to bring crops to fruition.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew lest you burnout and your endeavors wither before harvest.  It takes WAY more energy to perpetuate projects then it does to initiate them so choose your projects wisely.

2.  “Many hands make light work.”  Interrelationships in nature allow energy to flow and matter to cycle.  This is how life moves forward.  The same goes for us.  The more that we get involved in our local communities and build relationships, the greater our capacity to attract knowledge and resources to enhance our projects.  There is great strength in numbers!

3.  “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”  (No offense cat lovers… No cats were harmed in the crafting of this statement.)  Doing things the same old way will produce the same old results.  Adapting and trying a new approach may be what’s needed to move forward in ways that are easier, more profitable and sustainable.

4.  “You can’t mess with a skunk without getting skunk on you.”  Sometimes you’ve just got to walk away from people who are dragging you down.

5.  “Waste not, want not.”  When life speeds up, avoid making impulsive purchases.  If something catches your eye, walk on by and check in with yourself a few days later to see if you still feel as strongly about it.  Overspending on things that later fall into the “what was I thinking” category diverts energy away from more useful and important purchases…like airfare to San Diego from Tucson in mid-July.

Life has taken me far from my rural roots, but I tap into them every time I help a client who is turning the soil of self-transformation.  A grounded approach and a good dose of humor make the journey to healing and balance quick and easeful.  Whether you are ready to dig deep and unhook from old patterns that are preventing you from finding your spirit’s happiest expression or you just need help learning to relax and de-stresss, I can help.

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Dig Deep & Be Well!

Dr. Jamie

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