“I can’t meditate.  I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it.”

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this I would be on a flight to Hawaii right now.  Meditation has somehow been elevated to a mystical level only attainable by hard core yogis, blissed out new-agers and monks.  The rest of us common folk who are unable to plop down on a cushion and instantly tune the world out can be very frustrated by our perceived failure.  Trying to learn to meditate without proper coaching is like setting out to be a concert pianist without first hiring a piano teacher.  Who wouldn’t throw their hands up in defeat after tackling a sheet of Chopin’s finest without proper training???

When learning any new skill, we must set ourselves up for success.  Attracting teachers/coaches who can speed our learning and help us to feel good about our efforts is step one.  We must feel successful in order to persist.  To be blunt, many beginners who are giving up on meditation have started off with techniques that are not appropriate for them as an individual.

There are many types of meditation out there and several steps to be taken to guide the beginner toward success.  From a wellness perspective, the goal of meditation is to bring the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation.  This gives our  nervous systems a little vacation which is good for our whole body.  More and more research is backing up beliefs about the health benefits of meditation.  In these challenging times, we can all use a health boost, and with proper coaching, we can ALL learn to meditate.

As a professional educator, I understand that all learners are unique.  We each bring our own energy, skills, learning styles and experiences to any new endeavor.  Adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching is a recipe for failure.  This is why I create an individualized plan specifically designed for the needs of each client.   We will not ALL  find success learning meditation in the same way.  Thus, I integrate a wide variety of techniques when teaching meditation.  I am very excited about the success I am having with my new Zero Point Energy relaxation therapy.  I am combining Reiki with Zero Point Energy to help clients experience an ultimate state of relaxation (There’s a link below if you want to learn more about this.)  I then teach them meditation techniques to help hold that energy in place until they can come back for another Zero Point Reiki tune-up.

My ultimate goal is to help the client learn how to take themselves into deep relaxation on their own and carry that calm with them through day-to-day life.  This is the foundation for VIBRANT living!  As friends and clients who have dared to tell me “I can’t meditate” can testify, I am very passionate about this, and I will get you results.  Sí, se puede.  Yes, it is possible!  Sign up now for coaching via Skype or in Person in Tucson.  Also, stop by and experience the deep relaxation of my new Zero Point Reiki.  It really does take Reiki to a whole new level.  One hour sessions are only $50!  Email now to reserve your spot.  http://www.drjamiecarson.com/contact-us/


Be Well!

Dr.  Jamie


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