As a wellness/life coach, I teach my clients simple, inexpensive ways to revitalize their bodies and relax their minds so that they can fall in love with life again.  Stress is the largest detractor from enjoyment and happiness.  In our race to keep up, many of us have abandoned the idea of vacation because “Who has the cash…or the time?”  Burnout and stress related illnesses (Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, etc.) have crept subtly into our culture leaving many critically ill and unaware of how they got that way.  Like a frog in a pot on the stove, our nervous systems adapt to stress.  If you slowly turn up the heat (i.e. stress), the frog will not realize the peril she is in until she’s cooked.  It’s the same with our nervous systems.  By the time we show symptoms of stress illnesses, the damage is done and the road back to balance is a long one.  This is why pleasure and “down time” are necessary for wellness.

Our ancestors understood that down time is vital for living a happy, balanced life.  This is why vacation was created!  Taking time away from our daily lives to relax, explore new lands and smell the roses restores our spirits and enhances our work when we return refreshed.  If you must cut corners and eliminate vacation this summer, honor your body and your mind by setting aside time for less expensive mental mini-vacations.  I teach my clients a variety of simple meditation techniques that help them easily drop into a deep state of relaxation at will.  These mini-meditation breaks revitalize the mind, body and spirit protecting our nervous systems from stress and giving us the energy to do all that we wish to do.  I’m always  researching and exploring new techniques to help beginners drop into deeper states of relaxation with ease.  Recently, I have found a tool that has blown me away.

Being a Reiki III practitioner, I integrate energy work into my daily meditation routine.  A friend recently turned me on to the benefits of Zero Point Energy for clearing and balancing the bio-energetic field of the body (i.e. chakras).  My partner and I are both very impressed with the potency of this work.  He calls it the “15 minute vacation.  It’s like you’ve just got back from vacation- like hitting the “reset” button.  I think of it more like rebooting your spirit with a weekend at a spa.  We both agree that it feels stronger than Reiki and delivers a deeper state of relaxation in a very short time.  I was so impressed that I am now offering Zero Point “Reset” sessions to my clients.

Zero Point Energy Work sprang from the combination of quantum physics and metaphysical practice.  In physics, zero point energy is theorized to be the lowest possible state that a quantum mechanical system may have; it is the energy of the “ground state”.  Eastern, metaphysical practice has long taught that chakras are internal wheels or hubs that help energy to flow throughout our bodies.  When the flow of energy becomes blocked in a chakra, it can lead to emotional and physical manifestations of imbalance.  Zero point energy work helps to restore your chakras to their “ground” or original state.  If this all sounds a little too “far out” for you, I encourage you to at least try it.  My friends and clients are enjoying the experience and reporting feelings of deep relaxation and even emotional release.

As with any new trend, a marketing frenzy has begun.  If you decide to explore Zero Point Energy tools, be aware that there are a lot of cheep knock offs out there.  A network marketing movement appears to be providing good products, but as the pay structure of network marketing mandates, the prices are high.  You are invited to stop by for a relaxing “Reset” session and experience zero point energy for yourself.  I’m offering an hour session for $50 that will leave you utterly relaxed and in a vacation state of mind.  Your body and spirit will thank you!  Email me now to book an appointment!

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Be Well!

Dr. Jamie

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